Betsy O'Neill Fine Art

Hi!      My name is Betsy O'Neill and I am an artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been working with oil and acrylic paints for more than 17 years.  My creative influence can be traced to my upbringing on a small farm surrounded by animals, nature, and a creative family. 
     My primary sources of inspiration range from the highlights of my hometown Grand Rapids, to  memory filled destinations throughout the state of Michigan, and my own urban (and often eccentric) garden. 
     Nature continues to call to my heart, it grabs me and slows me down to watch, listen, and contemplate.  I love the the way light plays on a subject and often find myself inspired by small focal points of beauty in a seemingly ordinary scope. Re-creating mundane objects into something delightful is what I love best! To capture a fleeting memory or emotion with my paintbrush is what I consider the ultimate achievement. 
      In years past I has been pleasantly occupied with many commissions for landscapes, city-scapes, animal portraits, and even murals. I have been repeatedly welcomed to display my art collections in a popular downtown restaurant. My work has been approved and included in local juried art competitions. I was excited to recently earned an honorable mention in the Grand Rapids Regional Art Competition! In 2016 I showcased 12 large poster prints of my work in ArtPrize here in Grand Rapids. 
    This past summer I have enjoyed taking my paintings and prints around West Michigan to many lake-shore festivals  and fine art show where I enjoy meeting  new friends and fans of my work. The collection keeps growing and I am so excited to see where it takes me next. Thanks for taking the journey with me!  
   Warmly,  Betsy

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